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There may be times during your pets life when an appointment is not an option due to the urgency of the situation. Dr. Rob has worked in countless emergency clinics throughout the Atlanta metro area as well as in Austin, Texas. He is well equipped to handle medical emergencies that your pet may encounter over the course of their life. For general sick or wellness visits, ECVC does prefer appointments but are always open to accepting walk-ins. Additionally, ECVC is always prepared to prioritize an emergency when and if that occurs.

If your pet is experiencing any of the following symptoms, please call us immediately:

  • If your pet is having difficulty breathing.
  • If you suspect your pet has been poisoned and/ or ingested something toxic.
  • If your pet has been hit by a car or seriously injured.
  • If your pet is bleeding extensively and it cannot be stopped.
  • If your pet has diarrhea or is vomiting.
  • If your pet is having difficulty urinating or changes in thirst.
  • If your pet seems lethargic or weak.
  • If your pet appears to be in pain or is uncomfortable.

As always, go with your gut! You know your pet better than anyone else. If you believe your pet needs to be seen on an emergency basis, please call us immediately.

We offer emergency services during our normal working hours. If your pet is in need of emergency care after hours, please contact our 24-hour emergency medical service provider:

ER AFTER HOURS Veterinary Emergency Group
404-445-8222 | OPEN 24 HRS

2725 Old Milton Pkwy Alpharetta, GA 30009